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Voxx Wearable patches for immunity, metabolism, balance

Voxx has brought Wearable Technology to all of us to give us

Better Balance

Optimizing Immune System

Improvement of focus and clarity

Optimizing energy metabolism

The most innovative Technology Breakthrough in the Health, Wellness and Performance industry in the past 50 years

Harnessing the power of neuroscience changing the world in a big way

Backed by Research and Science

VoxxLife is Wearable  Neurotech that makes it easy to use and have the results you are looking for.


31% improved balance with

8x Reduced Fall Risk

90% Pain Relief

Look at the neuro patch information below

and give this technology a try. This technology has already helped 5 million people.

Harmony HPT patch

Physical mobility/Quality of Life

Voxx HPT is proven to increase stability, balance and range of motion. This leads to numerous other benefits, including more active lifestyles and reduced fall risks. The potential impact on overall health and wellness is almost immeasurable when the added benefits of pain management are taken into consideration. HPT patchers


Cognitive Boost Technology

CBT cognitive boost technology (CBT) In the eSmartr Sleev, exclusively targets and stimulates the cognitive networks in the brain that promote Focus, Clarity, and Calm. The Sleev is beneficial wherever, cognitive performance, accelerated mental sharpness thought organization and refined clarity are required. Imagine if this simple, yet remarkable technology could help You present an even better version of yourself.

Neurovax immunity optimization patch

The Neurlogy of The Immune System

NeuroVax patch triggers neuro plastic optimization and harmonization of the communication loop between the brain stem, vagus nerve, thymus, and spleen by generating innate neuro signals decoded by the CNS based on he pattern theory of haptic neuro coding. This optimized communication leads to an optimized immune system.


VoxxLife brings you OST, Optimized Sleep Technology. Neuropath to better sleep. Benefits include.  Sleep Stages Optimized.

Balances your REM and deep sleep stages. Enhanced rest assists in rejuvenation of them mind and body.

Meta patch

Neurohaptic Advanced Metabolism

MetaPatch optimizes energy metabolism in a totally drug free, non-invasive way.

The brain plays a central role in the homeostatic regulation of energy metabolism.

The Meta Patch triggers neuro plastic optimization and harmonization of this communication loop Between the hypothalamus and brain stem by generating innate neuro-signals decoded by the CNS based on the “Pattern Theory” of haptic neuro coding. This optimized communication leads to optimized energy metabolism. Suggested placement is the same as the NeuroVax patch.

Deborah M Meyer RN, BSN, PHN


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