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Shopping for CBD! Take out or curbside? On-line?

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Over the past year, Discover has introduced tons of information about hemp-derived cannabinoids and the science and regulatory, legal and financial data behind it. the big question is what do I do with that information and how do I make and informed decision. How do I know I made the right choice? How do I buy CBD? CBD in the store of Get CBD on line?

With Covid-19 the world has changed. The first step is how can I speak with company or store that is selling the product. Begin with asking people you know. Have they tried CBD? What CBD products? Does CBD work? Has it worked? How do they know what they are buying? What research did they do prior to purchase?

Next find a seller of a brand that can provide you with legitimate information. Talk with them about what their brand is known for? Is their an online presence? Can you go directly to the manufactures website and obtain information? Do they have a blog? If so check it out Do they describe the extraction process? Ask the seller for flowers, brochures, studies, and other data they can share? Do they have a social mead presence? Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? You may even be surprised to find them on Pinterest!

There is a big difference speaking with someone that has used the product vs. a store employee that may or may not have any knowledge on the product or any training on it.

So now what? Choice made? Stay tuned for our next segment in Shopping for CBD or visit us on our website ( to read the entire blog.

Now that you have read all that you can read and googled every topic possible. Decision made. Now it comes down to compliance and the science. Your choice to include the following information.

Certificate of Analysis

QR codes

U.S. Hemp Authority Seal of certification ( this is voluntary)

Manufactured under Current Good Manufacturing Practices ( cGMP)

Scientific Studies.

Now off to shop! You are good to go. Check out our products and be comfortable that you made the right decision. Call anytime and ask a question.

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