CBD Full Spectrum. Supporting your health !


Zilis is a health and wellness Company that is pioneering the Endocannabinoid Health System (ECS) with new technology & products. We offer Full Spectrum Hemp Products and non-Hemp products that will help you achieve total body health and wellness.

Full Spectrum CBD & CBG products

UltraCell Technology

Water Dispersible (up to 90% absorption levels)

1st CBD Topical certified by;

US Hemp Authority Certified

Gold Standard

3rd Party tested

Mimetix Boosters

Liquid Vitamins w/UltraCell

Preferred Customer & Wholesale Customer pricing available (Ask us!)

Businesses Opportunities BYOB

Mimetix Boosters; Edge, Burn, Ice and Dream. Mimetix blend combines; green tea leaf, hops flower extract, turmeric, root extract, ginger root extract and Echinacea leaf extract. UltraSupport Liquid vitamins w/UltraCell technology; Vitamin C, Magnesium, ADK, Glutathione, B12, and Biotix.  Get CbD today! www.getcbditworks.com

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