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CBD and Autism My personal experience!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

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Our road to promoting CBD and CBG started with the success I have had with my Adult Son that has Autism.

Taking CBD has taken his social anxieties away and he is much more interactive with his family and people he knows and likes.

With the quick success and change with my son I took to studying the endocanabinoid system. I quickly began my steep learning curve of the ECS system and how CBD and CBG have the ability to work with our internal ECS system to promote homeostasis.

CBD and CBG make such a difference for so many people in so many different ways.

I also came to understand the value of a products that have a high absorption rate.

Product Absorption and Product effectiveness define the Zilis products.

Zilis products have a High absorption rate and Zilis products are Highly effective.

Please join me in the health challenge for yourselves, family and friends as we continually look at ways to improve our health.

Ready to start your challenge to a Healthier you ?

Know More About CBD and Autism My personal experience!

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