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CBD 7 day challenge

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Have you tried CBD? CBG? I admit I was very skeptical of CBD? Does it work? Is it all hype? Does it have THC? I saw many patients using the various types of creams, gummy bears and oils, many grow their own marijuana and make their own. I tried the home made products, cheap I’ve the counter products And never had results, What was all the hype? Is it a placebo effect? One day another fellow nurse approached me and stared explain g water soluble vs, oil, organic, hemp certification, the manufacturing process and I decided to give it another try. I was amazed to actually feel more focused, decreased pain, more energy! I now understand the effect it has a me for the first time when the others didn’t work. I did a 7 day trial and haven’t looked back, what are your experiences with the different types of CBD? I am glad I can trust the safety of my product and see the benefits. What are your thoughts? #cbdbuy #cbdpain #cbg #cbdhealth #cbdstress #

CBD 7 day challenge

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